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Blueprint 2032 Long Range Plan

Blueprint 2032

Adams 12 Five Star Schools is a caring, inclusive and engaging district which exists so the students it serves can attain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue the future of their choosing and are equipped to navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world.

Our mission is to engage and inspire all students to innovate, achieve and succeed in a safe environment by ensuring high-quality instruction in every classroom, every day.

An important aspect of ensuring access, opportunities and a sense of belonging for all students is providing academic pathways and facilities that support this goal. Adams 12 Five Star Schools has partnered with Cooperative Strategies to develop Blueprint 2032, a comprehensive, long range academic plan and facilities plan.

This work is an extension of our ELEVATE Strategic Plan.

Academic Long Range Plan

  • Defines the portfolio of programs, curriculum, instructional models and experiences that the district can provide and sustain to offer a world-class education to every student, every day. This work will explore current and historic student academic outcomes, results from assessments, teacher and student climate & connectedness surveys, curriculum use surveys, and help better understand current enrollment trends.

Facilities Long Range Plan

  • Defines the portfolio of school facilities that the district can provide and maintain to offer world-class facilities to every student, every day. This work will consider facility conditions (now and forecasted), capacities, population growth/decline, educational adequacy of the facilities to support current and desired programs, as well as operational and capital budgets.