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Filing a Formal Complaint

Formal Complaint: A document filed by a complainant or signed by the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator alleging sexual harassment by a respondent and requesting that the District investigate the allegation. 
In order to participate in the resolution process, a complainant must submit a formal complaint.  Once a formal complaint has been submitted, the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator (or designee) will reach out to the complainant to gather additional information and determine if the District has jurisdiction over the formal complaint.  The formal complaint must meet the following criteria in order to move onto the resolution process:
  • The allegation(s) meet the definition of sexual harassment as defined by District Policy 8410.
  • The alleged conduct took place within the United States.
  • The alleged conduct occurred within the District's educational program or activity.

Who can file a formal complaint?

  • A person who is currently participating in the educational programs or activities of the District;
  • A person who is attempting to participate in those programs or activities; or,
  • The Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator.

If the formal complaint does not meet the four criteria above, then the District may pursue the complaint under a different policy other than District Policy 8410.