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Role Of The Advisor

Role of the Advisor:
Complainants and Respondents who participate in a Title IX resolution process have the right to have one individual of their choosing to serve as their advisor throughout the resolution process. The right to an advisor is extended so that the Complainant and/or Respondent can identify someone that they want to assist them with navigating and understanding the investigation process as well as providing support throughout the process. It is recommended that an advisor not be someone who is a witness in the same matter. The investigator is the district-designated individual charged with conducting interviews, gathering evidence, and producing an investigation report. To fulfill their responsibilities and to protect the integrity of the investigation for both the Complainant and Respondent, the Investigator is interested in obtaining information directly from the Complainant and Respondent along with providing each party the opportunity to respond to information directly.  As a result, the role of an Advisor in an investigative interview or response to information gathered during the investigation is limited.

An Advisor May…

  • Accompany a Complainant or Respondent to any interview or meeting;
  • Assist a Complainant or Respondent in understanding and navigating the investigation process;
  • Seek clarification regarding the investigation process;
  • Ask procedural or process questions;
  • Support the Complainant or Respondent during the process; and,
  • Alert the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator to any act of retaliation.  Any allegation of retaliation will be investigated separate than the initial complaint that was reported. 

An Advisor May Not

  • Answer questions for or on behalf of a Complainant or Respondent in any interview;
  • Stand in for a Complainant or Respondent during interviews;
  • Act as or represent themselves as an investigator in the Title IX process;
  • Contact a witness or other party participating in the investigation process; or,
  • Impede the investigation process or act in a manner that obstructs the investigator or disrupts the investigation process.

Note: Advisors who act outside of their role may be excluded from resolution process.