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Supportive Measures

Upon the District’s receipt of actual knowledge of alleged sexual harassment addressed by this policy, the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator will contact a complainant to offer supportive measures. Supportive measures are available without charge to 1) a complainant regardless of whether a formal complaint of sexual harassment is or will be filed and 2) to both parties following the filing of a formal complaint.
Appropriate supportive measures are determined on a case-by-case basis, in collaboration between building administrators or supervisors, the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator, and/or other appropriate District employees. Supportive measures shall be confidential to the extent possible and the Title IX/Non-Discrimination Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of any supportive measures.

Examples of supportive measures include, but are not limited to:

  • School-based counseling
  • Off-District property counseling
  • Classroom modification
  • Report to law enforcement
  • Extensions of deadlines or other course-related adjustments
  • Modifications of work or class schedules
  • Mutual no-contact directives
  • Leaves of absence
  • Changes in work locations