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1210: Public Conduct on District Property

  • Community
  • Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Activities
  • Series 1000
1210: Public Conduct on District Property

File: District Policy 1210 (pdf)

Most Recent Adoption: August 6, 2020

1210: Public Conduct on District Property


Volunteers, visitors, and persons using or upon District property, including all District buildings, schools, parking lots and grounds and any vehicle owned by, leased to, or used by the District, shall not engage in the conduct described below.  These provisions shall apply to community use and fundraising activities conducted on school or District property.  Individuals violating this policy may be directed to leave District property, barred thereafter from being present on District property, and/or referred to law enforcement as appropriate under the circumstances.

1.0       Alcohol, Drugs/Controlled Substances and Illegal Contraband. Being under the influence of or the use, possession, distribution, service or sale of alcohol, drugs, other controlled substances and other illegal contraband.  This includes marijuana, even if legally purchased through retail establishments or prescribed.

2.0       Tobacco. The use of tobacco, or nicotine products, or any delivery mechanism or device that could be used for the consumption, ingestion or inhalation of tobacco or nicotine products or controlled substances at any school-sponsored event or activity and/or on all District property, including all District buildings, District grounds, District-owned and leased vehicles, and sites leased by the District, is prohibited pursuant to District Policy 3740.

2.1       Nicotine. Use, distribution, sale, or transfer of any nicotine product.  Nicotine is defined as any product that contains nicotine or is derived from nicotine and is intended to be ingested or inhaled by or applied to the skin of an individual.

2.2       Administrators may request members of the public who use tobacco or nicotine products contrary to this policy to refrain from use.

2.3       Administrators may respond to further violations by a member of the public by issuing a directive for the member to leave District property or the District event.

2.4       Administrators may bar a member of the community from entering District or school property or attending school activities for repeated violations of this policy.

3.0       Weapons. Possession of a firearm, firearm facsimile, explosive device, knife, or other dangerous weapon as defined by law or by District Policy.

3.1       This restriction shall not apply to police officers employed by a municipality and assigned to a school building as School Resource Officers, law enforcement personnel who are legally required and approved to carry or use weapons in order to perform their necessary duties or functions, or those individuals expressly authorized by the Superintendent to carry such weapons.

4.0       Conduct with Risk of Harm. Persons present on District property shall not engage in conduct which poses a reasonable risk of harm to persons or District property, including but not limited to skateboarding, rollerblading, “heelies”, sledding and snowboarding, except as expressly authorized by a building administrator.  This prohibition shall not extend to those activities on District property expressly permitted in a community or joint-use agreement executed by the District.

5.0       Disruptive Conduct. Persons present on District property shall not disrupt or interfere with educational activities and operations, including any extra-curricular or school-sponsored activities.  Administrators and/or designees may direct persons who have engaged in such conduct to leave District property, may request the assistance of law enforcement officials, and may impose conditions or a total ban upon the individual’s future presence on school property.


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Code 3740
Code 4136
Code 5000

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Most Recent Adoption: August 6, 2020