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3800: Equipment Protection

District Policy 3800


1.0       In order to protect its investment in equipment and vehicles, it shall be the District's procedure that:

1.1       Employees, students and other users are required at all times to safeguard the equipment checked out to them and to supervise its proper use and care.

1.2       Loss or damage of the equipment shall be reported in writing to the building administrator immediately.  The user may be charged restitution based upon the circumstances of loss/damage.

1.3       Items of equipment covered by this policy shall include, but not be limited to, band instruments, uniforms, music, computers, athletic equipment, sewing machines, building trade tools, auto repair machines and tools, cameras, televisions, receivers, video and audio equipment, maintenance equipment, and motor vehicles.

1.4       District-owned equipment and materials may be checked out with the permission of the building administrator to be used off the school premises for school purposes.  The user shall assume full responsibility for damage and/or replacement costs if the equipment is not used for a school purpose.

2.0       Responsibility for equipment and vehicles shall be assigned as follows:

2.1       The building administrator of the building to which the equipment/vehicle is assigned shall have overall responsibility for assignment and security of all equipment/vehicles.

2.2       The building administrator will ensure that all equipment is inventoried and serial/identification numbers are recorded.

2.3       The building administrator may assign appropriate authority to other staff members for the control of District-owned equipment.


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Most Recent Adoption: August 1, 2009