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5240: Acceleration and Grade Skipping

District Policy 5240                              


1.0       Acceleration. The District recognizes that some children may benefit academically, socially and/or emotionally from accelerating and/or grade skipping. Students may be accelerated in District academic programs as provided in this policy.

2.0       Acceleration/Grade Skipping Grades K-8. Acceleration and/or grade skipping in grades K-8 shall be based upon the professional judgment of a review committee whose composition will be the child’s classroom teacher, the GT building coordinator, the school principal, the parents, and any other school personnel the school principal deems appropriate.

2.1       The following procedures will be followed to determine whether a student in grades K-8 shall be accelerated in their academic program:

2.1.1    A parent, teacher or student may initiate the evaluation process by submitting a written request for review to the building principal. The principal may also initiate a review following a referral by a staff member. The principal shall gather relevant data and meet with the student’s parent to discuss whether the child is likely to qualify as gifted/talented following formal evaluation. If both parent and principal agree that formal evaluation is warranted, the principal or gifted and talented building coordinator will contact the AAGS Department at the District to obtain the Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS) to begin organizing the student’s data.

2.1.2    The building coordinator and/or principal will work with the parents and classroom teacher to complete the IAS on the student in consideration.

2.1.3    The review committee, consisting of principal, gifted and talented building coordinator, parents, teacher, and AAGS Director or his/her designee will meet to review the data and determine if the child is a good candidate for acceleration.

2.1.4    The review committee shall consider the following criteria: Academic achievement – The child is functioning above grade level in most academic areas; Attendance – The child has a history of strong, regular attendance. Attitude toward acceleration – The child’s and parents’ attitudes toward acceleration have been considered. Intelligence – The child has been found to operate above the normal range of intelligence.  The child should have been identified as gifted and talented through the District identification process. Maturity – The child is generally mature for his/her age and is comfortable and successful in interactions with older children. It is recognized that few children will meet all of the above criteria; however, the greater the number of criteria present, the more advisable the acceleration. The District will utilize the Iowa Acceleration Scale to help to organize the data into qualifiable and quantifiable criteria for consideration.

2.1.5    A decision will be made by the AAGS Director based on the data and support of the review committee for the child’s acceleration. If the decision is made to accelerate the student, the team will design a transition plan and set appropriate dates for the acceleration to take place. The parent/guardian shall be provided a written copy of the decision within 60 days of completion of all testing and a copy shall be placed in the child’s cumulative records and District GT file.

3.0       Acceleration/Grade Skipping Grades 9-12. Students in grades 9-12 will be permitted to enroll in courses targeted for students in higher grade levels when supported by the student’s record of academic achievement.  High school students who satisfy the District’s graduation requirements may be graduated prior to the completion of four years of high school.

4.0       Appeals and Review Process.

4.1       The parents shall submit a written request for a review to the Executive Director of Schools. The request shall identify any items of noncompliance with this policy and the reasons why the AAGS Director’s decision should be modified or changed.

4.2       A review of the AAGS Director’s decision regarding acceleration, early access, grade kipping and/or gifted/talented identification shall be done by the Executive Director of Schools. The parent/guardian, principal, teacher, building coordinator and Director will be asked to attend a meeting to provide additional information to the Executive Director.

4.3       The parent/guardian will be informed in writing of the decision of the Executive Director of Schools. The decision of the Executive Director shall be final.

Code: 5230
Code: 5260

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Most Recent Adoption: September 25, 2020