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5670: Distribution of School/District/Non-District Related Materials

  • District Students
  • Series 5000
5670: Distribution of School/District/Non-District Related Materials

File: District Policy 5670 (pdf)

Most Recent Adoption: April 12, 2023

5670: Distribution of School/District/Non-District Related Materials

District Policy 5670                  


1.0       The Superintendent shall permit school-related materials to routinely be carried home by students when such materials are prepared and/or sponsored by the school, instructional staff, the school district or district official, the Board of Education; or a PTA/PTO/PSP organization, a booster club, or other school-established organizations; the Five Star Education Foundation; or another government entity.

2.0       Organizations other than those covered by section 1.0 may provide schools with information about their activities and programs, which the schools will make available on a non-discriminatory basis to students and their parents, to the extent practicable and in accordance with District Policies. Schools are a limited open forum, and the distribution of any organizations’ materials shall be incidental to the primary educational function of the schools.

3.0       Students shall not be required to convey or deliver political or campaign literature.

4.0       Requests for exception to this policy shall be directed to Communications Services.

5.0       This policy shall be reviewed periodically by the Chief Communications Officer, General Counsel, and school representatives.

6.0       Distribution of School/District Related Materials. Principals shall allow the following school/District-related materials to be carried home by students or electronically delivered to families:

6.1       Those prepared and/or sponsored by the school, a member of the instructional staff acting in the capacity of a District employee, the school district or a district official, or the Board of Education;

6.2       Those prepared and/or sponsored by a PTA/PTO/PSP organization, the Five Star Education Foundation, a school booster club, or other school-established organization;

6.3       Those prepared by a government entity.

Information from entities included in paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3 must clearly identify the sponsoring organization, and include a telephone number and contact information.

7.0       Eligibility for Distribution of Materials from Non-School or Non-District Related Organizations; Distribution Procedures.

7.1       Eligibility.

7.1.1    Mass Distribution: Section 7.2 applies to mass distribution to elementary and/or secondary school families of paper and/or electronic materials from non-school or non-district related groups or individuals.

7.1.2    Principals are responsible for determining whether materials from non-school or non-district related organizations satisfy the requirements of this policy.

7.1.3    Regardless of viewpoint, fliers and other community materials must be related to the schools’ educational mission, directed to students or their families, not disruptive to the educational process, age-appropriate, and not otherwise violate Board of Education or District Policies.

7.1.4    Eligible fliers and other community materials may be submitted to the principal for consideration in accordance with this policy. Permission must be secured in advance of distribution.

7.1.5    To ensure that schools remain neutral, do not appear to approve or disapprove any particular religious or political viewpoint, and do not sponsor or endorse the classes or activities sponsored by any non-school or non-district related organization, materials made available through the schools shall include the following disclaimer affixed to the materials by the organization: These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Adams 12 Five Star Schools, its Board, the Superintendent, or this school.

7.1.6    Other than Mass Distribution: When a non-school or non-district related organization wishes to use school resources to distribute material to one or two students (for example, in connection with awards or honors) during the school day, the request is to be submitted to the Principal for determination of the time, place, and manner of distribution.

7.2       Distribution Procedures.

7.2.1    Electronic Distribution during the school year (September – may).    The non-school or non-district related organization must supply an electronic version of its flier that includes the disclaimer required by Section 7.1.5.    From August – April, fliers shall be submitted by the 25th day of the month. Electronic distribution to families of approved fliers received by this deadline will take place between the 1st and 15th day of the next month (September – May). For example, approved flier received by August 25; school distributes on a day between September 1-15. This option shall be made available to all organizations on a non-discriminatory basis so long as the materials are consistent with Section 7.1.3. Principals may not refuse to electronically distribute eligible materials on the basis of the viewpoint expressed.

7.2.2    After School Day Distribution.    During non-school hours, including Back-to-School Nights, non-school and non-district related organizations and other members of the public shall have access to distribute eligible fliers and other community materials at the school as determined by the principal in accordance with this policy.    The principal may control access to school grounds, and limit the time, place and manner of distribution of materials on school grounds, as the principal deems necessary to protect the integrity of the learning environment as well as the school’s safety and order, so long as the principal enforces this provision on a non-discriminatory basis and makes reasonable efforts to allow distribution of material at applicable community events during non-school hours.    Under no circumstances will individuals or organizations be permitted to gain access to school grounds or distribute materials in violation of law, policy or regulation, nor will they be permitted to leave materials on cars or otherwise litter school grounds.

8.0       Student distribution of non-school or non-district related materials shall be in accordance with District Policy 5650.

9.0       Interested individuals or entities may submit questions to Communications Services.

Policy: 5650
Policy: 8500

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Most Recent Adoption: April 12, 2023