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ELEVATE: The Strengths

ELEVATE: The Strengths

ELEVATE engagement sessions in fall 2017 asked participants to tell a story when the district or a school did right by a student. Storytellers were then asked to name strengths of the district rooted within their stories. The core team synthesized the strengths into five emerging strengths, the language of which was surveyed online in March 2018. The following are the five strengths of the district per fall and spring feedback through the ELEVATE process, confirmed at the ELEVATE Summit in April 2018: Care, Collaborate, Engage, Empower and Focus on Students.

Know someone who is living out our district strengths? Share it with us so we can recognize them!

ELEVATE Strengths

At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we: 


At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we care for each other. From providing students with academic and social direction to partnering with families by providing resources and supports, we are a relationship-driven community that goes above and beyond to ensure students thrive at every level.

  • Story examples we heard during the ELEVATE process that showcase how we care:
    • "A 1st grader accidently got out of the car with his blanket and was so upset - the AP was in the hug and go lane and saw the student - stopped him and comforted him, made a plan where he would put the kiddos blanket in his office until the end of the day. It totally turned my son's day from awful to great. He then took the time to call me and tell me what happened which made me feel so good about the school and showed me how much they care."
    • "One year, I saw staff donating money and other items to help the students who were going without. A staff member started a scholarship to reward students who did well in hopes that the students would be motivated to do well in school and go to college. He found it amazing that staff was spending so much of their time outside of the school to help support their students. It was like a big family taking care of one another."
    • "Mi hijo tiene ADHD, la escuela le ofreció a mi  hijo apoyo en la escuela y también me dieron recursos para recibir apoyo/ayuda fuera de la escuela. Mi hijo recibe ayuda en grupos pequeños que le ayudan bastante académicamente. Me gusta que no hacen que los niños se sientan diferentes a los otros solamente porque reciben apoyo adicional o educación especial."


Elevate Engagement Sessions

At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we collaborate across the district. From staff working across teams and schools to provide the best solutions and teaching, to parents and community partners working together to provide premier learning opportunities for students, we are an “all hands in” community who works together for the success of students.

  • Story examples we heard during the ELEVATE process that showcase how we collaborate:
    • "When my colleague was beginning her teaching career at Thornton Middle School she created a wonderful working relationship with her fellow core teacher.  They both realized that they had very different strengths and they created an environment for themselves and their students that highlighted those strengths instead of those strengths being in conflict with one another."
    • "One year, there was a student who needed assistance. His family was struggling with providing glasses and other basic needs. Teachers worked with counselors, nurses, parents, and other teachers to provide the student with these things. They were able to get him an eye exam, glasses, and new clothes. Also, they set up a system so he was able to shower at school and get his clothes laundered."


Elevate Engagement Sessions

At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we empower students, staff and family to learn and grow. From providing staff training and resources for educators to become the best practitioners they can be, to valuing student voice and growth in developing as leaders, we empower students and staff to own their learning and proactively lead their unique community.

  • Story examples we heard during the ELEVATE process that showcase how we empower staff and students:
    • "My son's class dynamics were creating issues with behavior and parent personalities. In 1st grade, the teachers and school administration decided to change the class structures and blended all the kids into classes that best supported the learning and social needs of the kids.  It was impressive that the need was determined, the solution was created, the school was transparent and communicated well with the students and parents, and implemented in a quick fashion that put the kids and their needs at the fore front!"
    • "The teachers wanted to make a change. So they did a book study and research in order to make improvements, but some people were still struggling to persevere. With teamwork and determination, the team came together to create new systems and structures to support their students."
    • "Sus hijos tuvieron muchas dificultades con el idioma y recibieron apoyo por parte de los maestros y de la escuela el cual vieron los resultados muy prontamente y se sintieron realmente satisfechos y muy contentos y además se sintieron involucrados como padres y tutores los cuales ahora son parte de la comunidad escolar."



At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we engage our community. From providing resources and opportunities for educational success by partnering with families and businesses, to embracing the cultural diversity of our district, we intentionally engage with our community to grow academically and socially.

  • Story examples we heard during the ELEVATE process that showcase how we engage.
    • "I have lived within the Adams 12 boundaries for over 60 years and have found them to be a great community partner - good employees, well taken care of schools, and most importantly a consistent provider of good education for young people."
    • "Unified sports is one thing that happens once a year, it brings staff, students, community, volunteers. Our students come together and have fun, care for one another, they build relationships, perseverance. Unified sports allows our students to build character, build confidence, work with each other to overcome obstacles. Unified sports brings the best out of our students, staff and community."



At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we focus on students. From academic and social needs, to providing innovative programming opportunities with multiple pathways to success, we focus our efforts on the unique learning of each child in every classroom, every day.

  • Story examples we heard during the ELEVATE process that showcase how we focus on students.
    • "My teacher helped me even though I wasn´t good at writing. She helped me succeed by adding more details. I felt successful because she guided me through writing. I think the best thing about school is that teachers always give us a chance."
    • "Westlake Middle School had woodworking classes that my daughter loved. As an 8th grader, she was accepted into a charter school, but stayed at WMS just to be able to take the second level woodworking class. The staff went above and beyond to make schedule changes in my daughter’s schedule to accommodate her desire to take that one class. The school environment allowed flexibility for my daughter."
    • "Cuando los niños entraron a la escuela, ellos no hablaban inglés entonces ellos se retrasaron académicamente, pero la escuela proveyó mucho apoyo especialmente por medio de PEAK. PEAK ayudó mucho a los estudiantes y crecieron bastante académicamente. Ahora una de los estudiantes es líder en el programa de PEAK y sigue muy involucrada académicamente."

TELL YOUR OWN STORY: Share your own strength story about a teacher, colleague, student or community!