Updated on Wed, 12/20/2017 - 8:43am

Many of you will notice posters in our school buildings with a student gazing at the nighttime sky and with text identifying the mission, vision, performance goals and commitments for the district. The poster content - especially in the key area of “commitments” - was developed from staff feedback throughout the district after they had received input from colleagues, parents and other stakeholders.

Polaris is purposeful and symbolic; it reflects our commitment to providing students outstanding educational opportunities that will equip them to pursue and achieve the goals and dreams they have for their future. Polaris also reflects our commitment, as district leaders and staff, to stay focused on guiding principles so we do not get off course in our work - just like ship navigators, for centuries, have looked to Polaris (aka the North Star) to keep them on track to their destination in the midst of stormy seas.

As you’ll see, Polaris paints a big-picture view of what we intend to accomplish for our students and how we will go about the work. It outlines our district’s strategic plan including our vision, mission, outcomes, commitments, and prioritizes our key strategies. Those key strategies are to create multiple learning pathways, strike the “just-right” balance between empowerment and accountability, and build strong community relationships. Polaris reflects our best efforts, in an era characterized by standardized testing, school accountability/ratings systems, and school choice options that were not in place 40 years ago, to provide an outstanding education to all of the children we serve - and an outstanding value to our taxpayers who are investing in our work.

View the Polaris plan PDF. 

Chris Gdowski