Family Resources

Updated on Wed, 09/01/2021 - 9:30am

The Student and Family Outreach Program (SFOP)

Our Student and Family Outreach Program (SFOP) exists to remove barriers that keep students from being engaged and thriving in school by providing access to community resources and health insurance. We believe that all students hold the strength and potential to thrive and that healthy students have improved learning outcomes, attendance, and behavior. 

Community Reach

For 60 years, Community Reach Center has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to promoting total mind and body wellness for all ages. We do this by recognizing the interplay between mental and physical health and by providing services and programs when and where you need them most – at your primary care office, your child’s school, your home or your nearest outpatient office. Community Reach Center can help you or your loved one address any type of mental health concern - including depression and anxiety, grief and loss, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or upset related to a traumatic event. Individual, group, family and couples counseling is available. 

Safe Care Colorado

  • A free program for parents and caregivers of children ages five and under
  • Parents and caregivers work side-by-side with a parent support provider to build on the skills you already have
  • SafeCare Colorado provides parents and caregivers with free items such as electrical outlet covers, door latches and a health manual developed by pediatricians

Colorado Department of Education 

  • Parents/Families of a child with a disability
    • Dedicated to providing information on special education issues, practices and resources to families who have children with disabilities.
  • Preschool Special Education services
    • Preschool special education is a state and federally mandated program for three and four year old children who are experiencing challenges in their learning and development and meet state eligibility criteria for special education and related services.

Colorado Department of Human Services

  • The CDHS Office of Early Childhood provides collaborative leadership to align resources for children, families, and early childhood professionals to best prepare Coloradans for future success, through access to coordinated and quality early childhood programs and family supports.

Colorado Preschool Program

  • The Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) provides access to quality early childhood education for children who lack overall learning readiness.