A photo collage shows a student welding, another student in medical scrubs, two students in business attire smiling, and a student graduating. The text reads "Career and College Pathways to Success."

Career and College Success

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has robust classes, programs and partnerships to prepare students for success after high school. Here’s an overview of different options available to students looking to get a jumpstart on their college education, their careers, or both. Click on the links in each section to learn more about the specific programs and resources.

Graduation Requirements

Click here to learn about our high school graduation requirements.

College Pathways to Success

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: These college-level courses allow students to earn credit toward their future college degrees.
  • ASCENT: A fifth-year program that allows students to take a full year of classes at a community college to earn credit toward their degree. The Five Star District covers tuition. Students are responsible for the cost of transportation, books and campus fees.
  • Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment: Earn college credit while still in high school, either by taking college classes offered at Five Star high schools, FutureForward campuses or Front Range Community College (concurrent enrollment); or pay a nominal tuition to earn credit from CU Succeed and Metropolitan State.
  • Financial Aid: There are many opportunities to relieve some of the financial burden associated with a college education. These options include federal aid (FAFSA), work study programs, college savings programs and student loans.
  • College Preparation: Counselors and teachers can help students develop the skills and tools they need to be ready to apply for college, choose a college and find academic and social success in college. 
  • Resources for First-Generation College Students: Resources and information for students who are first-generation college students.
  • Resources for Students who are Undocumented: Resources and information for students who are undocumented.

Career Pathways to Success

  • FutureForward: FutureForward encompasses our Career and Technical Education across the Five Star District. Students can earn college credits and industry certifications, giving them a competitive advantage as they advance to college, start their careers or enlist in the military.
  • Career Pathways After High School: There are many options for students to prepare for careers after high school. They can continue their career preparation through college. They can also explore technical schools and apprenticeships in high-demand and high-paying careers, consider a career in the military. Click here to learn more about career pathways after high school.

Postsecondary Readiness

  • Seal of Biliteracy: This allows students to show employers and colleges that they can speak, read and write in multiple languages.
  • Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP): School counselors provide opportunities for students to explore careers and college, strengthen academic skills and provide support for social and emotional development.
  • Alternative Education Options: Traditional middle and high school settings do not work for every student. Adams 12 Five Star Schools has alternative programs that can help meet your student’s needs.
  • Graduation Requirements: See what credits students need to graduate from high school