Five Star Online is designed to provide continued flexibility for families with COVID-19 related concerns and offer the most robust online learning opportunity for our students. 

Adams 12 Five Star Schools operates this program at the district level. Principal Adria Moersen and Assistant Principal Rebecca Turner, along with their team of dedicated online educators, are committed to providing the best learning experience possible for online students. The Five Star Online program also has supports just for online students, such as school counselors and learning specialists. 

In addition, students will be able to stay connected with their neighborhood school by participating in extracurricular activities and athletics. Seniors will graduate from their home high school in the Spring of 2022. . 

We recognize this year is different than others and that many families may want an online learning experience for one more year. With that, students enrolled in the Five Star Online program for the 2021-2022 school year will keep their spot at their current brick and mortar school if they wish to return to in-person learning for the 2022-2023 school year.

Visit website > fivestaronline.adams12.org

Here are some additional points about this online learning model: 


  • Online schedules will closely align to traditional bell schedules, meaning there will be daily synchronous (live, teacher-led) instruction. 

Opportunities and Courses for Online Students:

  • Online students will be able to enroll in FutureForward (Career and Technical Education) courses, but they will have to attend those courses in person, as they will not be offered online. 

  • Online students will have the opportunity to engage in elective, honors and/or AP level courses. The district will determine which AP/honors courses and elective classes it can offer online based on student interest.

  • Online students can participate in co-curricular activities and athletics at their home schools.

  • Elementary specials (art, music and PE) will be taught synchronously.