Independence Academy Expectations

Updated on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 10:39am

At Independence Academy, each student has the opportunity to “Be Their Best” every day.  Our program focuses on four key expectations:  

  1. Accountability: Students will show up on a daily basis and be responsible for their actions.  Students need to follow staff directions.
  2. Safety: Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves and will use property appropriately.
  3. Resect: Students will use appropriate language and tone.  As students develop new skills they will start to use positive social skills with adults and with their peers.
  4. Positive Attitude: Students will try their best every day and participate in their learning. 

Independence Academy staff, with student input, will monitor student’s behavior on a daily basis. Using a body of evidence (sending school recommendations, family input, student input, IEP etc.), students will work on two to three interpersonal development goals throughout their stay at Independence Academy. Progress on these goals will be monitored and evaluated at the end of every class hour. Student progress will also be evaluated by: grades, attendance, discipline record and positive actions/contributions to the school. Every four weeks, staff will evaluate and analyze student progress and determine if students can move to the next Phase of the program. 

Upon entry to Independence Academy, students have two weeks to become oriented to the program. This provides students with a chance to learn about our program and our expectations; as well as gives staff a chance to get to know students in order to plan and prepare for their program at Independence Academy. As students acquire and demonstrate new academic and behavioral skills, they will progress through the Phase System.  When students reach Phase Three a meeting is held to discuss the students’ next step in their education. This meeting determines if a student has successfully completed our program and is able to move towards Transition. Even though a student might move to Transition status at eight different times throughout the school year, students can only transition at the quarter break. This allows for learning continuity – instruction and grading consistency.