Preschool teacher interacting with students

Welcome to Adams 12 Five Star Early Childhood Education!    Our Early Childhood Education Department offers various opportunities to provide excellence for your child’s earliest learning experiences.  Our focus is to activate your child’s developmental learning through preschool classroom environments. Often, students learnings needs are diverse.  Our classrooms grant our learners a safe, and content rich environment to explore their first learning opportunity. In addition, we value every opportunity to engage our parents as partners, collaborate with community stakeholders.  Come explore Adams 12 Five Star Early Childhood Education!

Preschool 2018-2019

Adams 12 Five Star Schools offers a portfolio of options for parents to not only have their child screened or evaluated if they have developmental concerns, or to enroll their preschool aged student.   The various pathways can provide parents the reassurance that their child is in a safe, rigorous learning environment that specializes in differentiated instruction with highly trained staff.

Our Classrooms

  • Arapahoe Ridge Elementary 
  • Centennial Elementary
  • Cherry Drive Elementary
  • Coronado Hills Elementary
  • Early Childhood Education Center
  • Federal Heights Elementary
  • Hunters Glen Elementary
  • Malley Drive Elementary
  • Mountain View Elementary
  • North Mor Elementary
  • North Star Elementary
  • Riverdale Elementary
  • Tarver Elementary
  • Thornton Elementary
  • Thunder Vista P-8
  • Westview Elementary
  • Woodglen Elementary

Tuition-Based Preschool (New for 2018-2019 school year) 

For the 2018-19 school-year, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is piloting a program that provides families an opportunity to participate in a learning environment that includes teachers and staff that have specialized experience in child development.   Students get an opportunity to participate in an integrated classroom that supports academic, motor, language, literacy and social/emotional developmental learning opportunities. We currently have tuition-based preschool offered at two locations — Arapahoe Ridge Elementary and Thunder Vista P-8. 

For more information, contact one of the following: 

  • Arapahoe Ridge Elementary: (720) 972-5742
  • Thunder Vista P-8: (720) 972-5735
  • Early Childhood Education Center: (720) 972-8760

Priority enrollment for both tuition-based programs will be provided to families who live within the school boundaries (Arapahoe Ridge Elementary and Thunder Vista P-8). In the event that enrollment slots remain available after the priority enrollment period, a lottery system will select families to fill the remaining enrollment slots.

Developmental screenings and Evaluations

Students will be required to go through the Adams 12 Five Star Schools free screening and parent interview process prior to being enrolled in preschool. 

  • Call (720) 972-8760 or (720) 972-3870 (for Spanish-speaking families) to schedule your appointment.

Families enrolling in preschool will be required to provide the following:

  • Up-to-date immunization record and physical (Required by state law)
  • Official birth certificate
  • Proof of residence within Five Star District boundaries

Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)

Each family is required to meet required criteria for eligibility into the CPP. For more information, including eligibilty and qualifying factors visit Ways to enroll your child

Child Find

Preschool Special Education is another possible avenue that is state- and federally-mandated to support students who meet state eligibility guidelines.  For more information, visit Ways to enroll your child.