STEM schools use science, technology, engineering, and math to bring relevance to student work and make connections to society and the global world we live in. STEM schools include a fully integrated arts curriculum designed to be responsive and intentional to student needs and support the instructional model. STEM classrooms are student-centered environments rich in questioning and inquiry where students have frequent opportunities to apply engineering design and problem-solving processes to authentic, contextual problems. The classrooms are flexible in design and promote innovative learning theory for all learners.

Comprehensive STEM programming includes: Problem Driven Inquiry Through PBL, Transdisciplinary Lenses, Career Connected Learning, and Engineering Design Mindset for students in grades K-12. Northglenn HS also offers STEM Pathways in Engineering or Biomedical Science.

The district offers STEM programming at three locations:

Admissions to STEM Launch and STEM Lab are managed by the Choice Program. STEM Lab and STEM Launch are school-wide STEM programs. 

Admissions to the general education program at Northglenn High School are managed by the Choice Program. Northglenn High School's STEM Program is application based. In-district students wishing to enroll in the program must apply directly with the school, out-of-district students wishing to enroll in the program must apply directly with the school to attend the STEM program