Families Forward Resource Center

Counseling, Crisis, Employment, Health Care, Medicaid / CHP+, Education, Parenting, Pregnancy - Families, Children, Adults, Women, Young Adults, Teens
Evie Garrett Dennis Campus Z Place Building: Partners Suite 4800 Telluride St. Building 5, Denver, CO 80249

Resource Center for Families in the Denver Metro area

Previously named the Lowry Family Center, the Families Forward Resource Center (FFRC) provides resources and referrals to families in the metro Denver area.  They primarily work with families in Northeast Denver or North Aurora, but will not turn any one away.

Programs include: Family advocacy, parenting and health classes, youth development, and other family-centered services.

There are no costs, fees or income guidelines, however, some resources that the FFRC refers to (i.e. LEAP, Food Assistance... etc.) do have income guidelines or fees.

Families can call the FFRC directly, or fill out an application from the website and fax or scan the application. Once an application is received, FFRC will match the family with the appropriate program(s) and an advocate who will help them navigate the resources.

Provides assistance in Engish and Spanish, FFRC has partnerships with other agencies that can assist with other languages.