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The kindergarten experience provides every student with rigorous academic programs necessary to develop a strong foundation that will help them succeed as they progress through their elementary and secondary school career.

Legacy 2000

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The Legacy 2000 program at Legacy High School is designed for students who have an interest and ability in math, science, engineering and technology.  It focuses on the tangible and intangible skills that professionals in these fields of study will need.


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The Preschool Program works with families to assure that our youngest learners develop positive attitudes about learning and strong developmental and academic foundations for success in their future school experiences.

SOAR Honors Program

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The Horizon SOAR Honors program is a four year, individualized & comprehensive program designed to enlighten, enrich and excite students and prepare leaders for the 21st century. 


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Science, technology, engineering, and math programs throughout Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

Summer School

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The Summer School Program provides middle school and high school students opportunities to retake classes they have previously failed and opportunities to become more proficient in core areas where they are struggling.