Transcripts and Academic Records

Updated on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 1:08pm

After a student has graduated from the district or withdrawn for more than one year from the district, the District Records Office assumes custody of the permanent student academic records, where they are archived. Please be advised, once a permanent student record has been archived there is a fee associated with obtaining a copy.

Active students must go to their current school to obtain a copy of their records.

Former students may request a copy of your records. A transcript request may include a signed and sealed high school transcript, ACT/SAT/AP scores and an immunization record. Additionally, a student’s archived academic record may include K-12 grades, enrollment history and immunization record. 

GEDs and diplomas are not part of the student’s permanent record.

    Use our online ordering system to request a copy of your records.

    Once you're on the ordering site, please note the following information:

    • State and government agencies, higher education, and employers may request records regarding a former student by clicking on the appropriate icon. A signed authorization form must accompany the request.
    • Subpoena or Court Orders for Academic Records should be delivered to the current or last school the student attended. If records have been archived the request will be referred to the District Records Office.

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    Former students specifically looking for test scores please visit the following sites:  ​

    ACT - & SAT/AP -