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Attendance FAQs for Students and Families

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                Attendance FAQ

What do I do if my child is going to be absent? 

Students are given 5 called-in absences each semester where parents do not need to provide documentation. These absences are meant to be used in the case of minor illnesses or family emergencies. It is important to use these absences sparingly as any absences after the 5 called-in will require doctors documentation or be marked as unexcused. Parents should call the school attendance line to inform the school of every absence.

How do schools monitor student attendance?

Adams 12 Five Star Schools uses the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law as a guide for monitoring student attendance. This law defines habitual truancy as having 4 unexcused absences in a month or 10 unexcused absences within a year. From this law Adams 12 has created the following guide for monitoring attendance. To stay within state guidelines, students should only miss about 1 day per month. 

Instructional Days by Quarter

Quarter Start Date

Quarter End Date

Far Below Basic

Below Basic


9 Days or More
3 - 8 Days
2 Days or Less
16 Days or More
8 - 15 Days
2 - 4 Days
25 Days or More
15 - 24 Days
4 - 6 Days
36 Days or More
24 - 25 Days
6 - 8 Days

What resources are there for a student struggling with attendance? 

Parents are always welcome to reach out to teachers or building administrators to discuss what factors are leading to student absences and how parents and school staff can partner to find solutions. Adams 12 schools and the district have access to a wide variety of resources and interventions such as transportation problem solving, food/clothing/housing resources, mental health partners, and a network of other support partners.

What if my child is going to be gone for an extended period of time

Should a family need to take an extended absence, parents should contact the attendance clerk or school administration to discuss next steps. 

Per Adams 12 District Policy 5020, Vacations or non-emergency activities should be scheduled for days or times when students are not in school. Reasonable requests for absences to be excused due to vacation or for other non-emergency reasons will be approved if the student has a 95% or higher attendance rate over the prior two (2) grading periods, and if the student is otherwise meeting academic performance expectations as determined by school administration. Families can fill out a vacation request to document vacation absences. This form can be requested from school administrators.