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Alternative to Suspension

Phone: 720-972-4146 - Contact Intervention Services

The Decision Making class is designed to address decision-making skills as they related to boundaries, theft/delinquency, disrespect, disruption, and any behavioral manifestation that indicates a lack of skill in making good decisions. The format of the class is designed to provide nonjudgmental instruction to students and parents on the development of skills related to decision-making, boundaries, communication and respect.  The instructor provides information about Triggers, Thinking, Feeling, Behaving and Consequences (Cognitive Behavioral Theory Model) and how they relate to and influence our everyday lives.

Drug and Alcohol

The Drug and Alcohol class is designed to educate young people and their parents in an engaging atmosphere, where the instructor utilizes a psychoeducational format.  The format is interactive. The group is designed for young people who have begun to use “gateway” substances (Marijuana, Tobacco, and Alcohol) and beginning to move towards substance abuse and dependence. The groups are not recommended for youth who are already in an advanced stage of abuse and or dependence.

Online Options

Adams 12 Five Star Schools has also partnered with 3rd Millennium Classrooms to provide online prevention and intervention courses. The courses provide education regarding nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, other drugs, and health relationships.