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Safety Summit Feedback

In Spring 2023, the district hosted Safety Summits where families, students, staff and community members were able to increase their understanding about several safety topics and had the opportunity to share feedback during table discussions. 

School safety is a collaborative effort. Our families, students and staff have important perspectives that will help us determine our path forward. 

Below you'll find a recap from the family and student safety summits highlighting common themes, trends and patterns.

Family Safety Summit

Safety & Security

Including secure buildings; ongoing safety trainings, drills and response; and security support staff

Threat Assessment & Management

Including the threat assessment team and process, types of assessments, and student safety plans and intervention tools

Student Wellbeing

Including mental health support staff and programming, bullying support and response, and student perception data.

Student Safety Summit

What makes you feel safe?

What are areas for improvement?

What else do you want the district to be aware of?