Parent Resources for School Safety

Updated on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 2:54pm

Promoting a safe and secure learning environment is further strengthened and reinforced through a partnership with students, staff, parents and the community.

See something. Say something.

Safe2Tell Colorado provides a safe and easy way to anonymously report information about anything that is a concern to school or community safety. We encourage families to contact Safe2Tell if they have knowledge of anything that could compromise the safety of the Five Star community.

To report a safety concern please:

How parents will hear in an emergency situation 

safety types

Click here for a printable PDF (Spanish).

Parent's role in an emergency

  • Stay Home – Parents are advised not to come to the school. By arriving at the school you may be endangering yourself or your child. School district personnel and First Responders will be working hard to control the situation and protect your children. Law Enforcement will be focused on the important task of keeping your child safe.
  • Stay informed – School district personnel will provide information as soon as possible. Some situations take time to verify accurate information. School district personnel will be in communication throughout the situation and will communicate in several different ways: District auto dialer, text message, email, district web site, or local news media.  Please do not call the school as you most likely will not get an answer or you could be pulling staff away from the emergency situation.
  • Be ready – In case a reunification is necessary, you’ll be informed of when and where to pick up your child. Please bring a photo ID and be patient in the process of connecting you with your child. The process takes time and it’s important to stay calm. The reunification process protects both the safety of students and provides for an accountable exchange of custody from the school to a recognized parent or guardian.
    • View our Reunification video overview, in English and Spanish, by clicking here.
  • Hold off on calling or texting your student - Parents will be notified with updates on the situation in a timely manner. When it’s safe to do so, students will be allowed to text their parent(s) during a crisis, if applicable. You should NOT call or text a student’s cell phone during a crisis unless you’ve heard from them first and you know it’s safe to text back.  You may be placing your child at risk. Students are trained to stay out of site and quiet during a Lockdown. A phone ringing or vibrating could alert an intruder to the student’s location.
  • Make a Plan - Talk to your children about school safety. Review as a family how you will communicate, where you will go and safety steps during an emergency. 

How to talk with your child after an emergency

Many parents wonder what to say to a child after an emergency situation, crisis or tragedy. Whether students were involved or bystanders, it's extremely helpful to talk with your child about their experience. Helpful resources and supports for parents can be found on the district's mental health resources page.

Safety and Security-related district policies: 

View all district policies in English and Spanish.

  • District Policy 1200 - Visitors to Schools 
    • Outlines expectations when visiting any school in the Five Star District.
  • District Policy 3500 - Safe Schools 
    • Outlines district procedures and agreements to enhance the safety of all schools. 
  • District Policy 3520 - Video and Audio Recording
    • Outlines recording and use of video and audio monitoring in schools, on school property and on district-provided transportation vehicles.
  • District Policy 3810 - Building Access
    • Outlines building access for district and school staff and law enforcement. 
  • District Policy 5040 - Drug and Alcohol
    • Outlines definitions, interventions and due process in regards to student drug, alcohol and controlled substance offenses. 
  • District Policy 5900 - Student Sex Offenders
    • District Policy 5900 addresses management of student sex offenders. Further, Colorado Revised Statute 22-1-124 instructs school districts to notify parents of their right to request information concerning registered sex offenders in the community. More information on accessing such information may be obtained online at the following: