Elementary School (Grades: Kindergarten - 5th Grade)
Cotton Creek Exterior Building

Cotton Creek Elementary is dedicated to the educational success of each individual student through the strong partnership of students, staff and the greater community.

Cotton Creek students gain academic skills in a warm, caring environment. Teachers help students develop a keen sense of empathy through interactions with different cultures and individual needs; differences are celebrated and embraced as the norm, not the exception.

As a neighborhood school, Cotton Creek values and encourages collaboration among staff and the parent community to support individual needs and impart a love of learning in each student. As a result of this collaboration, students leave Cotton Creek with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become lifelong learners and responsible, constructive members of society.

Unique Programs

  • Significant Support Needs: Serves K-5 children with significant learning disabilities. The program focuses on finding the “key” to unlock each child’s learning potential. Students attend the same classes as peers, learning at their own pace while participating in class activities. Occupational, physical and speech therapy, as well as mental health services, are available for qualifying students.

  • Structured Learning Support: Program that provides additional instruction, structures and support to students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or characteristics of ASD, resulting in increased independence and success in educational settings.

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