Middle School (Grades: 6th Grade - 8th Grade)
Vantage Point building 2016

Crossroads Middle School offers individualized, student-centered programming designed to increase academic success for students in grades 6-8.

The school serves students who have failing grades, poor attendance, work completion issues, anger issues, and those who identify as alternative learners. Crossroads teachers treat all students with dignity and respect, while emphasizing personal accountability in every aspect of students’ lives. In Crossroads’ blended learning environment, students can reach their maximum academic and affective potential.

Students are equipped with the skills to assume responsibility as an individual student, citizen in the community, and member of the work force. At Crossroads, students can pursue their education, realize their potential and develop skills to lead productive and rewarding lives.

Unique Programs

  • ASTAR: An Adult Supported Transition and Recreation Program.

  • Vista View: A program designed to keep students who are temporarily out of school connected to the educational process.

  • Discovery Program: A concrete, skills-based program through which students learn and master positive social skills.

Enrollment Information


General Enrollment: 

Unlike a district choice school, students who live within the Adams 12 Five Star School boundaries and have a transcript showing they have completed at least one trimester of middle school may apply to Crossroads Middle School.

To apply:

  • Contact the Crossroads Counselor, Mike Evans, at (720) 972-5902.
  • Complete a Family Intake Interview with Mike, a parent/guardian, and (if applicable) a home-school representative.
  • Provide the necessary registration information.
  • Attend the Parent Orientation.
  • Attend Orientation with a parent/guardian.

    For additional information on the enrollment process, please see the school website.