Hulstrom K-8

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Elementary School, K-8 School, Middle School (Grades: Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
Hulstrom building

Hulstrom K-8 is the district magnet school for Adams 12 Five Star School District located in Northglenn, Colorado, and is continually one of the top ranked public K-8 schools in the state.  Our program is designed to meet the unique needs of learners with identified gifts and talents, as well as those students who are not formally identified, but demonstrate a need for specialized programming beyond that of a neighborhood school.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire gifted and advanced students to passionately pursue their unlimited potentials.

Our vision is to nurture these gifted and advanced students within a diverse community of creative and critical thinkers that recognizes, respects, and responds to their unique needs.

Our Program

Hulstrom K-8 blends first-best instruction with current, innovative best practices from the field of gifted education, resulting in a distinctive, child-focused program focused on academics, affective and social emotional learning, and enrichment.  Throughout all areas, depth and complexity is woven within to provoke critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Our program is differentiated for students based on their levels of readiness as determined by a body of evidence, which is continually built through formal and informal assessments, classroom observations, and other forms of evidence.  Students are then flexibly grouped and clustered with their cognitive and academic peers.

We have a world-class staff who are highly trained in curriculum and instructional strategies to meet the needs of gifted and advanced learners.  We believe in community, building a sense of belonging, and personal growth within the whole child, and this begins with the staff modeling and living these values.

Families and community members are additionally embraced within the Hulstrom K-8 program.  There are a variety of opportunities to engage within the school from volunteering in classrooms and other areas of the school, chaperoning beyond the classroom learning, facilitating talent-development seminars, and much more.

Enrollment Information

Families with students wishing to attend Hulstrom K-8 will need to apply for admission by using the district’s Schools of Choice Program. The 1st round of choice opens on December 1st and closes on the last business day in January. Applications will be available online through the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Choice website and/or at the school.  See the Hulstrom website for Family Information Nights.  

All potential kindergarten students will go through a kindergarten readiness screening. Screening will be scheduled by Hulstrom after a Choice application is submitted. If the screening determines that Hulstrom is an appropriate placement, the student moves into a lottery. Applicants for the upper grades will be screened using their school records and other pertinent information. For all levels, siblings who qualify to attend Hulstrom will be given priority.

For more information, please see our website.