Elementary School (Grades: Kindergarten - 5th Grade)
Meridian Building 2016

Meridian Elementary believes in challenging the status quo and thinking differently in everything it does in order to shape 21st-century citizens.  

Meridian’s supportive staff and community encourage students to reach their potential. Teachers continually strive to improve practices and results, while creatively finding solutions to any challenges. In the classroom, students are provided opportunities to hone a variety of skill sets, including creative and critical thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership, use of technology, service learning and more. Meridian strives to cultivate these skills at developmentally appropriate levels for every student. As a result, Meridian has received many recognitions over the years for its high achievement results and growth.

Students at Meridian are taught to think, empowered to question and inspired to make a difference. These skills, combined with Meridian’s focus and commitment to exceptional learning opportunities, will prepare students for their future educational experiences and the dynamic world in which we live.

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