High School (Grades: 9th Grade - 12th Grade)
NHS exterior building

Northglenn High School strives to accelerate students' academic achievement and nurture their social development by providing high-quality instruction for every student, in every classroom, every day.

Students are provided a diverse and outstanding educational experience, particularly through Northglenn’s STEM education program. With problem-based learning, STEM students are tasked with real-world problems to tackle through a transdisciplinary lens. Students hone 21st-century skills as they problem solve — inquiry, collaboration, creativity, innovation. At the culmination of a project, students present their solutions to community experts. Community partners help mentor students, making entrepreneurial dreams a reality.   

Northglenn’s diverse learning environment offers students a chance to take a wide array of elective and Advanced Placement courses. Northglenn students can also participate in a variety of competitive sports programs, clubs or activities.

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