Community Use Facilities

Updated on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 4:23pm

How to Apply to Rent a Facility

  1. The application

    • Application for Facility Use Locations available at various schools
    • Application for Athletic Field Use
    • **No indoor use is permitted the first day of school through, and including, Labor Day.

      2021-2022 Application Timelines:
      August 10: for use September 7, 2021-December 31st, 2021
      November 7: for indoor use January 1st, 2022-May 27th, 2022
      January 11: for FIELD rental only February 14th, 2022-May 27th, 2022
      March 8: for use May 28th, 2022-August 15th, 2022

  2. $25 application fee
    • An additional fee of $100.00 is due when use occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. This fee will be applied to the balance due.
    • Fee Schedule
    • Full payment must be made a minimum of four (4) days prior to the first date of use.​
  3. Proof of liability insurance
  4. Verification of non-profit status seven (7) days prior to intended use (if applicable)

Contact Information

Please submit your completed applications to the appropriate member of our staff:

After hours, urgent matters: 720-972-4911
Weather/Closure line: 720-972-6100