Community Use Facilities

Updated on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 9:39am

Adams 12 facilities will not be available to indoor community use until further notice. Field use is permitted at this time and all activities are expected to follow state and local health guidelines.

How to Apply to Rent a Facility

>> Before applying, review list of CLOSED facilities during the 2019 summer. 

  1. The application
  1. $25 application fee
    • An additional fee of $100.00 is due when use occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. This fee will be applied to the balance due.
    • Fee Schedule
    • Full payment must be made a minimum of four (4) days prior to the first date of use.​
  2. Proof of liability insurance
  3. Verification of non-profit status seven (7) days prior to intended use (if applicable)

Contact Information

Please submit your completed applications to the appropriate member of our staff:

After hours, urgent matters: 720-972-4911
Weather/Closure line: 720-972-6100