Adams 12 strives to know every student by name, strength and need.  Students are provided innovative social-emotional programming and practices across all schools.  The social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our students is central to their capacity to learn.  Below is information on the staff that support student wellbeing as well as additional programming and resources linked on the right.

All schools in Adams 12 have staff that support student social and emotional learning and mental health needs.  These varied roles all work together to provide a continuum of collaborative services and support to increase student’s mental health, wellbeing and academic success.

School Counselors

Adams 12 professional school counselors are educated in the area of implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that targets the unique needs of the student. Counselors support academic, social/emotional, and career planning and deliver through classroom guidance lessons, small groups, and in an individual setting. There are school counselors in all our K-8s, middle schools and high schools.

Mental Health Providers

In Adams 12, mental health providers consist of school social workers or school psychologists.  These specialists provide direct and consultative mental health and behavioral services primarily to students who have been identified as having an educational disability and are eligible for special education or 504 services. They provide assessments and interventions for students who are in the evaluation process for special education eligibility. They can serve any student in the school in a crisis situation. They have expertise in community resources to provide more intensive services to students and families in need.  Every school in Adams 12 has at least one mental health provider.

Social Emotional Learning & Specialists

Social Emotional Learning Specialists accelerate student growth in social-emotional competences and support a positive school climate and culture.  SELS support the implementation of positive school climate and culture efforts, direct instruction of social-emotional learning and provide a continuum of support and services to students in the classroom, small group and individual setting.  SELS also support family partnerships and have expertise in community resources to connect students and families in need.  There are SELS in all our elementary, K-8s and middle schools.

School Based Therapists

Community Reach Center operates the largest school-based services program in Colorado, helping students to learn to manage feelings of anxiety, depression, phobias and other emotional or behavioral health issues that may be interfering with their school work. School-based services provide students in elementary, secondary schools and community college with convenient access to counseling and case management services, in the familiar setting of their school.

The School-Based Therapy Program provides counseling and case management services to students and families within Adams 12. School-Based Therapy can help students to resolve emotional issues and manage disruptive behaviors. It also provides supportive counseling to students who have become withdrawn, disengaged and are having difficulty keeping up with schoolwork.


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Family Liaisons

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