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The kitchen is an extraordinarily great place for learning! With cooking comes reading, math, science and, often, even a bit of geography and world culture. And, when there are chocolate chips or peanut butter involved, even the most reluctant math student may find fractions less daunting. Check out these fun and healthy recipes!


Slow Down- We know that everything takes a lot longer when you're dealing with kids, and letting them play chef in your kitchen is no exception. If a recipe should take 15-20 minutes, plan for extra time so you aren't rushed and everyone isn't waiting too long for dinner.

Really Let Them Cook- Of course we need to make sure young kids aren't handling sharp knives or the hot oven, but really let your kids get their hands dirty and not just stir ingredients in a bowl. Let them crack eggs (just be ready to scoop out shells), pour and measure out ingredients, and chop or cut when age appropriate.

Be Ready for the Mess- Your kitchen will probably get messy and your kids will probably be even messier. So expect the mess and teach your kids to clean as they cook.

Teach them How to Read a Recipe- From ingredients, prep work, to putting it all together, talk to your kids about the recipe so they know what step is coming up and how all of the steps come together to make the meal.

Encourage Taste Tests- Any great chef will tell you that you need to taste your food as you are eating it. So encourage them to take small bites and tastes as they put together their meal.

Teach Proper Food Hygiene- You know the drill: wash your hands before you cook, after you touch raw meat wash your hands, and if you use a spoon or fork to taste test the food, don't put it back into the pot.

And Most Of All - HAVE FUN!!!