Substitute Services

Updated on Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:40am

Welcome to Adams 12 Five Star Schools. We would like to personally thank you for wanting to be a substitute with the district. Your time in the classroom will make you be creative, thoughtful, compassionate, it will be challenging, but most of all it will be very rewarding.

You are taking on a role that has many responsibilities. The role of a substitute has evolved from being merely a coverage person to one that provides quality classroom teaching and assistance on an ongoing basis. As a result, being a "coverage" person no longer describes the expectations of the position. You are an integral part of a student learning. You play a major role in carrying out the activities planned by our teachers and classroom paraprofessionals when they are absent. Teachers and administrators value effective substitutes and recognize that your effort to provide continuity, in the teacher’s and paraprofessional’s classroom, is very important and appreciated.

Substitute Services Department Contact Information:

Tina Heirls, Substitute System Specialist   720-972-4057     6:30am - 10:30am Monday - Friday

The Human Resource Office   720-972-4068   7:30am - 4:30pm   Monday - Friday

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