Timeline and Considerations

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Bond Project Timeline

View the 2016 Bond Program Timeline (PDF) [Spanish] for all school-by-school and community-wide projects over the multi-year program.

For additional details on your neighborhood or child's school, visit the specific school's investment plan.

View a districtwide map of the 2016 Bond Program projects by start year. 


To ensure the bond program provides significant investments in every student, every school and every community, the Five Star District used the following six primary considerations to determine the timeline of community-wide and school-by-school investments over the course of the multi-year bond program.

Deferred Maintenance icon
Deferred Maintenance

Summary: In the first three years, the bond program addresses the most critical deferred maintenance needs throughout the district such as furnaces, roofs and sewer systems that are beyond their service life.

The average age of buildings in our district is 30 years. Coupled with limited funding, the district saw many facilities with extensive deferred maintenance hinder our mission to provide high-quality instruction in every classroom, every day.

Deferred maintenance refers to building components that are past their recommended service life, such as furnaces, roofs, sewers, etc. The bond program will ensure facilities provide a safe, warm and dry educational environment for all students by addressing deferred maintenance through renovations, upgrades, and general maintenance as necessary. By using a composite Facility Condition Index (FCI), the district’s facilities and planning teams monitor the physical conditions of aging buildings to determine when building components are past their service life and in need of repair. Buildings with extensive critical deferred maintenance may be prioritized over buildings with less critical deferred maintenance

Delivery capacity icon
Delivery Capacity

Summary: In order to effectively deliver the bond program districtwide, projects will ramp up over the next few years as the district uses bond dollars to hire support staff such as bond project managers.

As in any organization, staff and resource capacity must be developed in order to complete large-scale projects. In order to implement $350 million in bond projects, the district will hire support staff, such as project managers, and continue to work with outside contractors to help deliver the bond program in a timely manner. In the case of our district, capacity will often determine what projects we are able to address within a specific timeframe.

Cost efficiency icon
Cost Efficiency  

Summary: To maximize bond dollars, the district strategically scheduled projects with consideration to project similarity (e.g. roof projects across various schools), location, construction timeframe, materials and capacity.

The bond program aligns construction and purchasing projects across the district to be cost-effective. To ensure each project is delivered on time and within budget, the district will strategically schedule projects with consideration to project similarity (e.g. HCAC projects across multiple school buildings), location, construction timeframe, materials and capacity. The bond program will reflect a cost-effective delivery schedule for projects across the district.

Overcrowding icon

Summary: Projects relieving overcrowding in schools may be prioritized in the schedule.

Attendance in the district has continued to grow since our last successful bond in 2004. Due to a growing student population and a district budget that has not kept up with increased costs, many schools across the district are faced with overcrowding. Multiple bond projects, including the development of a new P-8 school located in the Anthem neighborhood of Broomfield, additions at other schools, and an expansion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programming at STEM Lab will help to relieve overcrowding throughout the district. The bond program will also create a second Adams 12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) campus, providing additional opportunities for high school students and address overcrowding in comprehensive high schools. Projects relieving overcrowding in schools may be prioritized in the bond schedule.

Programming needs icon
Programming Needs

Summary: Projects supporting school and district programming needs may be prioritized such as Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Early Childhood Education (ECE).

The bond program will enable our district to further support CTE, Early Childhood Education (ECE) and STEM opportunities for students. Additionally, schools throughout our district have individual programming needs in order to support their respective educational models. Examples may include, renovating or expanding classrooms to include updated technology; or building safer playgrounds and recreation fields for students. Projects supporting school and district programming needs may be prioritized in the bond delivery schedule.

Balance icon

Once drafted, the bond project schedule was reviewed for balance across school levels and geographic regions within our district.


*Important to note - In addition to the above listed primary considerations, the district will address any urgent needs over the course of the multi-year bond program, such as unexpected equipment failure. In the event that an unexpected and urgent need arises, the scheduled project timelines may be adjusted to ensure all facilities are able to provide a safe, warm and dry learning environment for all students.

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