Volunteer crossing guard Tom Metzler helps Silver Creek Elementary families get to school safely every Wednesday morning for 10+ years

Crossing guard Tom

I have plenty of thoughts on Mr. Metzler!

1. We need him to find a hobby.
2. He loves wearing orange.
3. He loves ALL four seasons Colorado has to offer.
4. We are thinking about building him a treehouse on the corner of 152nd Avenue and Fillmore Street to save him time.

But on a serious note:

Mr. Metzler is everything we could ask for in a volunteer. He has been a crossing guard since Silver Creek Elementary opened in 2006. Both of his daughters attended Adams 12 Five Star Schools and are both college graduates now. He ALWAYS puts safety first for EVERY person that enters our campus. He loves talking with students and families, he enjoys watching the students grow physically and socially and last, but certainly not least, he is a true part of the Silver Creek Elementary staff. Our school is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated individual like Mr. Metzler. He is 100% an Adams 12 Five Star Schools supporter and advocate for children and families.

- Darren Oliver, Silver Creek Elementary School Principal

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